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ANX74xx USB-C Re-timer Family is the Solution of Choice for Intel, AMD, and Nvidia CPU/GPU Platforms SANTA CLARA, Calif. -Tuesday, June 5th 2018 [ AETOS Wire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced the mass production of its ANX74xx family of USB-C™ re-timer solutions for notebooks, 2-in-1 convertible laptops, desktop PCs, monitors, and USB-C accessories, driven by demand from the PC and accessories market. ANX7440, the first protocol aware re-timing mux bridging DisplayPort™ and USB 3.1 interfaces for Intel, AMD, and Nvidia CPUs/GPUs to the USB-C connector, is the first USB-C re-timer to pass interoperability at USB-IF and VESA plug-tests. The Analogix re-timers implemented on the latest generation processor platforms offer the following advantages: They are pure USB-C re-timers using Separate Reference Clock Independent of SSC (SRIS) and Bit-Level Re-timer (BLR) architectures, guaranteeing a loss compensation to recover up to 23dB channel loss for US ... Read more »
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SlimPort 4K UHD AR/VR Display Controllers Enable the Highest Resolutions and Fastest Response Times SANTA CLARA, Calif.-Saturday 9 June 2018 [ AETOS Wire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Analogix Semiconductor, Inc. today announced its second generation SlimPort® ANX7538 and ANX7539 DisplayPort™ to Quad MIPI-DSI display controllers targeted at virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) with eye resolutions of up to 2K per eye (4K total) at 120 frames per second (FPS). The ANX7538/39 are the industry’s first VR/AR HMD controllers with built-in support for vertical blanking interval (VBI) expansion capability. VBI provides the option for supporting the demanding blanking requirements for most recent 2K VR displays, independent of the video input, therefore allowing for additional power savings on the DisplayPort receiver interface. “By integrating the VBI function, the ANX7539 is setting an industry standard for enablement of low persistence in LCD panels, whic ... Read more »
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Montreal, Canada-based developer of unique, wide-angle, panomorph lenses and data-in-picture image processing technology enables Intelligent Vision for present and future offerings. MONTREAL-Saturday 9 June 2018 [ AETOS Wire ] (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Immervision, a technology company enabling intelligent vision in the world’s devices, today launched a new vision for the company’s future. This new direction for Immervision includes a new corporate logo and new mission statement reflecting the present and future vision of the company. Bold and straightforward, the new Immervision logo proceeds from jet black to a placid blue, all-but-culminating in a striking rendition of the striated iris of a human eye. The imperfectly ridged circle embodies Immervision’s mission to bring humanity to the increasingly connected optical capabilities of today’s devices, according to Pascale Nini, CEO at Immervision: “Our goal at Immervision has always been to bring humanity to the technology improving o ... Read more »
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FCC grant allows SES to super charge the O3b system, the only operational non-geostationary broadband constellation and the world’s first global multi-terabit satellite network LUXEMBOURG-Saturday 9 June 2018 [ AETOS Wire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- SES announced today that it has been granted, by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), authorization to serve the U.S. market using a significantly expanded O3b fleet in the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). The FCC grant opens significant additional frequencies to SES for use in its non-geostationary (NGSO) constellation and enables it to deploy O3b mPOWER satellites into inclined and equatorial orbits, delivering full global pole-to-pole coverage. A total of 26 new O3b satellites are authorized, in addition to the 16 satellites already operational and in orbit. The grant allows SES to add 4 satellites to its existing O3b constellation, which are scheduled for launch next year, and provides the framework for SES to triple its next-generat ... Read more »
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Offers the Largest ‘Blast’ Puzzle Grid on Mobile with Immersive Narrative and Item Collection TEL AVIV, Israel-Saturday 9 June 2018 [ AETOS Wire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Plarium, a developer of mobile, social, and web-based games with more than 250 million users worldwide, today announced the launch of Lost Island: Blast Adventure, the first story-driven Blast game with an in-depth item collection and inventory system that influences each new puzzle. The game traverses 750 unique levels of blast puzzles with the largest grid in the genre. Players begin the journey by arriving on their newly purchased island with the hope of creating a comfortable home among the friendly inhabitants who reside there. Upon arrival, there are rumors from the locals about haunted ruins, strange relics, and destructive storms said to be caused by the remnants of an ancient civilization from hundreds of years ago. Within moments the player is paired with the inquisitive and intelligent archaeologist, Ellie, t ... Read more »
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