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Prompt transfer of capacity designed to minimise disruption to customers LUXEMBOURG -Monday, June 19th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- SES (Euronext Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) announced that, following a significant anomaly, the company is in the process of transferring capacity from its AMC-9 satellite. The incident was noted on the morning of Saturday, 17 June 2017. SES has taken immediate action in contacting all customers and is working to transfer services to alternative satellite capacity in order to minimise disruption. AMC-9 provided Ku-band and C-band coverage over the U.S. and Mexico. The satellite was manufactured by Alcatel/Thales and was launched in 2003. SES is working closely with the manufacturer to establish the cause of the anomaly and is evaluating all satellite recovery options. The full impact of the anomaly is still being assessed. In the event that the spacecraft cannot be recovered, the potential impact on SES’s full year 2017 group revenue could be ... Read more »
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GE fournira 100 locomotives et un accord sur les pièces de 15 ans pour soutenir les besoins en matière de transport et d'infrastructure en Egypte CHICAGO et CAIRE-Lundi 19 Juin 2017 [ ME NewsWire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)- GE (NYSE: GE) a annoncé aujourd'hui qu'elle a signé une lettre d'intention avec le ministère des Transports et avec Egyptian National Railways (ENR) d'une valeur de 575 millions de dollars pour fournir 100 locomotives GE ES30ACi de la série Light Evolution qui peuvent être utilisées pour les passagers ou les frets des marchandises à la fois, ainsi qu'un accord de 15 ans pour les pièces et le support technique des locomotives GE dans la nouvelle et actuelle flotte d'Egyptian National Railways. L'accord, qui est le plus important entre les parties, comprend également une formation technique visant à améliorer les capacités locales et les compétences techniques pour plus de 275 ingénieurs et employés au sein de l'entreprise Egyptian National Railways dans la région. Pour so ... Read more »
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● Phase 2b results presented at the 5th International Society for Influenza and Respiratory Diseases Antiviral Group (ISIRV-AVG) Conference - SHANGHAI-Wednesday, June 14th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Janssen) today announced results from the Phase 2b Topaz Trial which demonstrated that treatment with pimodivir (JNJ-63623872) significantly decreased viral load over seven days versus placebo, in adult patients with acute, uncomplicated seasonal influenza A. Patients treated with pimodivir and oseltamivir (OST) also demonstrated a significantly lower viral load compared with those who received pimodivir alone at the same dose. The primary endpoint data for the trial, presented in an oral presentation at the 5th International Society for Influenza and Respiratory Diseases Antiviral Group (ISIRV-AVG) Conference in Shanghai, China, showed treatment with pimodivir resulted in a statistically significant decrease in area under the curve (AUC) of ... Read more »
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R&D program, led by TOTAL, aims to significantly reduce cycle times and optimize HSE performance while acquiring and processing 3D land programs in difficult areas worldwide. PARIS-Wednesday, June 14th 2017 [ ME NewsWire ] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Wireless Seismic Inc. (Wireless), Geokinetics Inc., and Total E&P Research & Development (TOTAL) announced today the development of the next-generation land seismic acquisition and processing system, Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System (METIS). TOTAL initiated the METIS R&D program covering all facets of the geophysics workflow, from real-time wireless seismic data acquisition through real-time processing and interpretation. METIS concentrates on complex geologic onshore environments, such as foothills, where significant “Yet to Find” hydrocarbons remain. The goal of METIS is to deliver true-to-life 3D subsurface models by optimizing prospect evaluation and drilling performance in hard-to-access areas. METIS is an integrated ... Read more »
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