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Agile organizations struggling with issues of performance are increasingly turning to the CMMI for proven results. PITTSBURGH - Thursday, January 5th 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® is being used increasingly around the world to build scalable, resilient, high performance organizations and empower those organizations to deliver on the promises of agile. A recent McKinsey study shows that incorporating agile above and across individual projects can be a formidable task. Organizations that attempt to scale agile need significant structural changes and support. CMMI helps organizations reap the benefits of agile and scale its adoption across teams, divisions, and the global enterprise. CMMI Institute has released A Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI to help users adopt and implement CMMI to improve performance in agile organizations. In 2015, CMMI Institute estimated that over 70% of CMMI appraised organiza ... Read more »
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Les organisations utilisant agile rencontrant des problèmes de performance se tournent de plus en plus vers CMMI en quête de meilleurs résultats. PITTSBURGH - Jeudi 5 Janvier 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)--Le Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® est de plus en plus utilisé dans le monde pour établir des organisations évolutives, résistantes et à haute performance, et pour encourager ces organisations à réaliser les promesses des méthodes agiles. Une étude récente de McKinsey a montré qu’incorporer agile au sein et par-dessus des projets individuels peut être une tâche extraordinaire. Les organisations qui essayent d’élargir agile en interne nécessitent de sérieuses transformations structurelles et du soutien. CMMI aide les organisations à profiter des avantages qu’offre agile et à étaler son adoption à travers les équipes, les divisions et toute l’entreprise globale. Le CMMI Institute a publié A Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI afin d’aider ... Read more »
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Panasonic Projection Imaging Systems become the “Official Projection Technology” of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort LAS VEGAS - Thursday, January 5th 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Panasonic and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts announced today that Panasonic Projection Imaging Systems will be the “Official Projection Technology” of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. and Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif. As part of a long-term agreement, these Disney properties will have access to the latest in Panasonic’s market-leading projectors with advanced image processing and lens solutions. As a leader in storytelling, Disney creates innovative attractions, entertainment and magical lands which immerse guests into the worlds of the stories they love. The aim of pairing Disney’s limitless creativity with Panasonic’s leading-edge projection technology, is to provide guests of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort with even more amazing and new entert ... Read more »
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TOKYO - Jeudi 5 Janvier 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)--BLAST Inc. (bureau principal : Kanda KS Bldg. 8F, 6-14-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japon /représentant : Junya Okabe) a le plaisir de présenter la série de sculptures animalières « Animals As Art », de véritables œuvres d'art à exposer chez soi ou dans les locaux d'entreprise. La toute première œuvre de la collection,« Maman ours blanc et son petit » (Polar Bear Parent and Cub), sera disponible dès le 5 janvier 2017, simultanément au Japon et dans le reste du monde. Site officiel [ Animals As Art ] : La collection de sculptures animalières « Animals As Art » a su s'approprier toute l'élégance des techniques de modelage modernes, pour un résultat criant de vérité. Plutôt que les techniques de la taxidermie traditionnelle, ce sont des matériaux de modelage qui sont utilisés pour recréer l'illusion de la vie et des animaux d'un extrême réalisme, à la vue comme au toucher. La maman ... Read more »
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TOKYO - Thursday, January 5th 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- BLAST Inc. (main office: Kanda KS Bldg. 8F, 6-14-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan /representative: Junya Okabe) announces the "Animals As Art" series of animal art models as display art for homes and offices. The "Polar Bear Parent and Cub" will be the first in the series to be released on January 5, 2017 for both Japan and overseas. [ Animals As Art ] official site: "Animals As Art" is an animal art series that captures the elegance of modern modeling techniques and looks just like the real thing. It uses modeling materials instead of conventional taxidermy to thoroughly recreate a realistic appearance, texture, and sense of life. The sleeping form of the parent and cub looks so real it will make you think they are really there. Its producer Junya Okabe has over 30 years of experience in the special effects modeling industry in films and commercials. Production is he ... Read more »
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Veteran R&D team backed by KKR and Perceptive Advisors PALO ALTO, Calif. - Wednesday, January 4th 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- California-based BridgeBio Pharma has come out of stealth mode to reveal more detail about its novel approach to developing new therapies for genetic diseases. These diseases, often inherited and individually rare, collectively exact devastating effects on tens of millions of patients in the US alone, many of whom are children. The company, formed in 2015, is primarily focused on pre-commercial products, utilizing its advantages in sourcing and operating to find and build value at each stage of development. BridgeBio Pharma combines a traditional focus on drug products with a new corporate model to tackle a big industry need – translating early stage genetic disease science into drugs that matter for patients. “There’s a lot of money and interest in new technology companies, like those focused on gene editing, and then again for late stage clinical p ... Read more »
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Les membres chevronnés de l'équipe de Recherche et Développement (R&D) sont soutenus par KKR et Perceptive Advisors. PALO ALTO, Californie - Mercredi 4 Janvier 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)--Implantée en Californie, la société BridgeBio Pharma est sortie de l'ombre pour révéler des informations plus détaillées sur son approche novatrice concernant le développement de nouvelles thérapies pour les maladies génétiques. Ces maladies, souvent héréditaires et rares, ont collectivement des effets dévastateurs pour des dizaines de millions de patients rien qu'aux États-Unis, dont beaucoup sont des enfants. Formée en 2015, cette entreprise se consacre principalement aux produits de pré-commercialisation, mettant à profit ses avantages en matière d'approvisionnement et d'exploitation pour créer de la valeur et l'accroître à chaque étape du développement. BridgeBio Pharma combine une démarche traditionnellement axée sur les médicaments avec un nouveau modèle d'entreprise, afin de s'attaque ... Read more »
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Award launched by Her Highness celebrates values of perseverance and conviction in the face of adversity SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates - Wednesday, January 4th 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- In a first-of-its-kind effort to recognise people’s outstanding efforts to the forcibly displaced people in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), the ‘Sharjah International Award ‎for Refugee Advocacy & Support’, a $100,000 humanitarian award, was launched by The Ruling family of Sharjah, the third largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Wife of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) Eminent Advocate for Refugee Children and Chairperson of The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF), launched the award as a tribute to those who have worked relentlessly to improve the lives of millions of refugees and displaced families. “Once every year, the Sharjah International Award ‎for Ref ... Read more »
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DONGYING, China - Wednesday, January 4th 2017 [ME NewsWire] (BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kerui Petroleum, a fast-growing global energy equipment and services provider, is pleased to announce that the company was ranked the first on the list of “50 Best Chinese Enterprises 2016 in Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Industry” which was unveiled on November 2, 2016 by China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association (CPEIA) on the sidelines of 2016 China Unconventional Oil & Gas Conference held in China’s southwestern city - Chengdu. Kerui’s two pioneering products “1000HP ACVF Skid-Mounted Drilling Rig” and “50MPa High-Pressure Nitrogen Generator for Oilfields” were named “2016 Famous Products”. The main body of 1000HP ACVF Skid-Mounted Drilling Rig (excluding the solid control system) is engineered to comprise five independent transportable modules that allow long-distance directed relocation within eight hours to significantly shorten the relocation cycle of the d ... Read more »
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