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Commémoration de l’événement avec 1 million JPY de prix offerts pour les idées promouvant une « ville sûre et confortable »

TOKYO - Mercredi 26 Décembre 2012 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Structural Quality Assurance, Inc. recherche des visions innovantes et propose l’inscription à notre concours intitulé « Créer une ville sûre et confortable » pour commémorer l’achèvement de 10 000 piliers en béton recouverts avec la technologie SRF, les vainqueurs de la « catégorie générale » et de la « catégorie professionnelle » recevront chacun 1 000 000 JPY en guise de premier prix ! Le gagnant de la « catégorie élèves du secondaire et élèves moins âgés » recevra un chèque-cadeau de 100 000 JPY pour le premier prix !

Les villes modernes qui sont construites en béton courent des risques d’effondrement en raison de la détérioration g& ... Read more »
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Event Commemorated with 1 Million Yen Prize Offered for Ideas for a 'Safe and Comfortable City'

TOKYO - Tuesday, December 25th 2012 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Structural Quality Assurance, Inc. will call for innovative visions and solicit entries for our contest entitled, "Creating a safe and comfortable city" to commemorate the completion of the 10,000 concrete pillars wrapped with SRF Winners of "General category" and "Professionals category" will each receive 1,000,000 yen as a grand prize! The winner of "Students high school age and younger category" will receive 100,000 yen gift certificate as a top prize!

Modern cities that are made of concrete are in danger of collapsing due to deterioration by aging and ground motion caused by earthquakes. Moreover an enormous amount of energy is required to keep them comfortable. Wrapping reinforced concrete (RC) with flexible and tough fabric makes it much safer and more durable, like a new material called recov ... Read more »
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Achieves high bandwidth of 10GHz by reducing switch terminal capacitance

ME Newswire / Business Wire

TOKYO - Tuesday, December 25th 2012

Toshiba Corporation(TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it will launch two-lane SPDT switches that support PCI Express 3.0 (8Gbps). The new products, TC7PCI3412MT and TC7PCI3415MT, reduce switch terminal capacitance to achieve high bandwidth characteristics of 10GHz at -3dB, making high-speed transmission with lower signal degradation capable.

The new SPDT switches have optimal configurations for all arrangements of PCI Express slots, connectors, and switches on the motherboards of desktop PCs and notebook PCs. They can also be used for high-speed differential lines, such as USB3.0, DisplayPort1.2, and SATA3.0.

Samples are available now with mass production scheduled for the end of January.

Applications Motherboards (desktop PCs), laptop PCs, servers

Key Features 1. Operating power-supply voltage: VCC=3. ... Read more »
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